DENS_UP Cristal

250 g and 150 g jar with 5 ml measuring scoop, equivalent to approximately 2 g of powder

Gelling thickening powder for liquids and beverages with xanthan gum, suitable for the dietary management of patients with difficulty in swallowing liquids.

High-gelling powder that does not affect the flavour of the liquids or foods it is added to, and that allows for a high level of transparency to be maintained, even when used to gel water. DENS_UP CRISTAL does not contain starch and is amylase resistant.

Maltodextrin, gelling agent: xanthan gum; sweetener: erythritol.

DENS_UP CRISTAL is a food for special medical purposes in powder form suitable for the dietary management of patients with difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) or difficulty in swallowing liquids.

Dosage may vary according to the type of dysphagia and the patient’s requirements. Indicative doses for thickening 100 ml of liquid at room temperature and neutral pH to the consistency of: Nectar: 1 measuring scoop (approx. 2 g) Custard: 1.5 measuring scoops (approx. 3 g) Pudding: 2 measuring scoops (approx. 4 g)

Pour the necessary quantity of powder according to the desired consistency into a dry glass, add the hot or cold liquid and stir for a few seconds. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes until gelled. The powder dissolves rapidly and does not alter the flavour of the beverage or food to which it has been added.

The product must be used according to instructions and under medical supervision. The product is not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition and must not be injected. Do not use for children under the age of 3.

Keep in and a cool, dry place at room temperature. The date of minimum durability refers to the product stored appropriately in an unopened package. Ensure the jar is properly closed after use. Consume within 8 weeks of opening.