225 g jar and 400 g jar with 10 ml measuring scoop, equivalent to approximately 6 g of powder

PROTEIN_UP is a food for special medical purposes in powder form containing calcium caseinate, suitable for the dietary management of patients with protein malnutrition.

High-protein powder, gluten free and with a neutral flavour. One measuring scoop contains 5 g of protein.

Calcium caseinate (from milk).

PROTEIN_UP is a food for special medical purposes suitable for the dietary management of patients with protein malnutrition due to insufficient protein supply from food or an increase in protein requirements associated with illness or particular physical conditions. PROTEIN_UP can be used for elderly or convalescent patients.

Dosage is according to patient and is to be defined by the attending practitioner on the basis of the patient’s various requirements. A full measuring scoop contains 6 g of product, equal to 5 g of protein. Consume the product immediately, or within 24 hours if the preparation is kept in the fridge. The product is highly soluble, allowing it to be administered via tube feeding.

Oral use: pour the defined dose into the preferred liquid (either cold or at room temperature) and stir well until smooth. If PROTEIN_UP is to be added to food, first dissolve the powder in a little water before adding it to the food. It is recommended to prepare the product directly when needed. Use with a feeding tube: completely dissolve one measuring scoop of powder (6 g) in water (50-100 ml) and administer with a syringe via the feeding tube. Clean the feeding tube before and after administration with 50-60 ml of water. The powder can be mixed with tube-feeding formula.

The product must be used according to instructions and under medical supervision. The product is not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition and must not be injected.

Keep in a cool, dry place. Ensure the jar is properly closed after use. Consume within 8 weeks of opening. The date of minimum durability refers to the product stored appropriately in an unopened package.